Olive Oil

Eleón Extra Virgin Olive Oil

eleon, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, comes from certified olive producers
from different regions, famous for the quality of their olive products.
The olive oil is cold pressed (in lower temperature than <25 °C)
from fruits before their full maturity, in order to retain its rich
nutrients. The production process is completed within 24 hours from
harvesting. eleon Extra Virgin Olive oil is double-checked
for its chemical composition, both in its production area as well as
in our facility. It is packaged within 3 days and it is exported without
any addition of artificial colorings or other substances.

eleon Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a characteristic aroma of fresh-cut
olives. Its’ taste is really sharp due to its’ low acidity, which
is also responsible for a bitterness in its’ aftertaste as a result
of oleuropein presence, an exceptional antioxidant.

It comes in 250ml, 500ml and 750ml recyclable glass bottles
with a special coloring, in order to protect the olive oil from
any kind of radiation. It also comes in a 5lt tin.

eleon Gold Label, meets the criteria for Comm. Regulation 432/2012 Health Claim.

Olive Oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress

About Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the most characteristic products in the Mediterranean basin. Greek olive oil is admitted to be the best in the world. Olive oil has been used in Greece since 4.000 BC. There is extensive reference to olive oil by Hippocrates, Plinius and Plutarch. Olive oil was used in antiquity for nutritional as well as for pharmaceutical purposes.
It is the base of the Mediterranean diet and the healthiest of all vegetable and animal fats. Apart from its nutritional qualities, Greek olive oil has incredible antioxidant (Vitamin E, B-Carotene and Phenols), anti-inflammatory (oleocanthal, oleacein) and anticancer effects (antioxidants, oleic acid). Olive oil also lowers the LDL Cholesterol levels and protects coronary vessels due to the unsaturated fatty acids and especially the oleic acid, which also hinders breast cancer as well as bowel cancer.
Olive oil consumption is beneficial for diabetic patients since it lowers blood sugar levels. It shows strong antirheumatic action, almost equal to that of modern antirheumatic medicines (e.g. ibuprofen) due to the anti-inflammatory substances it contains. Olive oil is also rich in Vitamins A, D, K and E, which are essential for the human system. Its resistance to high temperatures is remarkable in comparison to all other vegetable and animal fats, therefore it is recommended for frying.
Greek virgin olive oil retains an intense olive aroma and flavor depending on the region it comes from. The best pure olive oil is cold pressed (under 27 °C) and the time of its processing after harvesting is under 24 hours. In order to characterize an olive oil as extra virgin, it must have an acidity level lower than 0,8% and a low potassium content.


Available in glass bottles of 250ml, 500ml and 750ml recyclable
with special coloration to protect against
any kind of radiation, and also 5lt metal tin.