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Extra Virgin Olive Oil, put up a great performance in Terraolivo 2015, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil International Competition which was held in Jerusalem, Israel in June 2015.

Terraolivo is consolidated as the 3rd competition in global importance, for EVOO World Ranking and includes the results of all international competitions in the world  (more than 500 samples and 17 countries).

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has excelled as the International Champion 2015, Best Greece, Gran Prestige Gold and Top 10, among hundreds of competitors from around the world.

Best Greece

Terraolivo 2015, Jerusalem, Israel

International Champion

Terraolivo 2015, Jerusalem, Israel

Gran Prestige Gold

Terraolivo 2015, Jerusalem, Israel

Top 10

Terraolivo 2015, Jerusalem, Israel

Silver Award



Terraolivo 2017, Jerusalem, Israel, Gold

Silver Award


Prestige Gold

Terraolivo 2018, Jerusalem, Israel


A Delicate Koroneiki from Greece

“Greek extra virgin olive oil cold extracted. Superior class olive oil extracted directly from hand-picked olives and exclusively by mechanical means. Acidity 0,18%”

MNF – Mediterranean Natural Foods S.A.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Silver Award Winner in the 4th Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition in Athens, Greece

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Silver Award Winner in the 4th Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition which was held in Athens, in May 2015, during the 6th Olive Oil and Olives Exhibition as part of the 6th Agro Quality Festival.  There were numerous participants in the festival, from different regions in Greece, presenting thus to the public the richness and the high quality of traditional Greek products.