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Responsible for managing and processing your personal data.
Company: Mediterranean Natural Foods SA
Address: 74 Ethnikis Antistaseos, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki 551 33
Telephone number: 2310 488 616

Categories of personal data or other information we collect.
The data that you disclose to us by entering your requested personal information in the respective fields are intended for the realization and receipt of your order or the provision of services. Our database retains: your name, your surname, your postal address, your telephone number, your e-mail address and your tax information (in case of invoice issuance).

Purpose of Processing personal data.
Some of your personal information (name, postal address, telephone and e-mail address) stored in our database and for the collection of which you have previously given your consent, may be processed for the following purposes:

a) For our communication with you regarding your order and the execution of the purposes of the contract between us for the sale of goods or the provision of services. For our communication with you in relation to contests, draws and other events.
b) To inform you and send you offers and information material about our products and services.
c) For statistical purposes and research.
d) In general, for the promotion and promotion of our products and services, if you wish.

In no case is this data assigned to third parties. However, they may be communicated to our affiliates for advertising or statistical purposes and only for use that will concern our products or services.

Consent to the registration and processing of your personal data.
In order to process your personal data, as described above, we need your consent in accordance with article 6 par. 1 of the REGULATION of the European Union 2016/679.

You may revoke your consent at any time by contacting us at the information provided at the beginning of this Privacy Statement.

Articles of REGULATION of the European Union 2016/679 and access to your personal data.
You have the following rights in relation to the use of your personal data in accordance with the articles of REGULATION (EU) 2016/679:

You can ask us whether or not we process your personal data and have direct access to them (no. 15 of EU REGULATION 2016/679).
You can check and update any inaccurate personal data. You can also ask to fill in your personal data if it is incomplete (no. 16 of REGULATION EU 2016/679).
You can request at any time and without justification the partial or total deletion of your personal data (no. 17 of REGULATION EU 2016/679).
You can revoke your consent at any time. The withdrawal of the consent does not affect the legality of the processing that took place on the basis of the consent for the period before its withdrawal (no. 7 par. 2 of EU REGULATION 2016/679).
You can ask to restrict the use of your personal data if you consider that your personal data is no longer needed for the above purposes (no. 18 of REGULATION EU 2016/679).
You have the right to receive your personal data which you have provided, in a given format and to ask you to transfer it to another controller without any objection from you (no. 20 of REGULATION EU 2016/679.
You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, for any legal reason (no. 21 of REGULATION EU 2016/679).